Seasonal Brews

A relatively new beer style, the New England Style IPA is spreading across the country. It is essentially an unfiltered IPA. It is smooth and creamy, juicy and hazy, with fruity and floral flavors. 5.5 % ABV

Stone Cold Fox Stout

G.O.A.T. - The Greatest of All Time

Pours black, but with beautiful hues when backlit with a beige head. The aroma is that of dark roasted coffee with rougher cocoa undertones. After a few minutes of aeration, the flavor smooths to a beautiful blend of coffee, dark chocolate, vanilla, and a hint of pecan nuttiness. Not tremendously complex, this medium-bodied brew with a creamy texture makes for an enjoyable drinking experience.  8.5 % ABV

Aunt Rose - The Rosa Lee Red Lager

Bright and sweet malts are balanced with a generous portions of Columbus, Golding, and Fuggle hops in this Imperial IPA, with a bit of honey added just before fermentation. Tones of caramel stand up to the strong, but pleasant hop finish and high ABV to create an IPA for all to enjoy. 7.5 % ABV 70 IBU

Wicked Fox - New England Style IPA

Biscuit-y malts balance well with the German hops to create our most approachable beer. Enjoyed by the craft beer aficionado, as well as the craft beer newcomer, the distinctive red hue and malty character make this beer a true crowd favorite. 5.5 % ABV


No. 48 - Pecan Coffee Porter

Back in the time before refrigeration, brewing in the summer was ill-advised and almost impossible. Beers were usually brewed before the coming of spring each year, typically in March, or Marzen, and cellared until the coming of fall. In honor of this, Bearded Fox presents our offering in the true Marzen style: our Foxtoberfest. With a beautiful copper coloring, this brew gives smooth, rich, deep maltiness, combined with a subtle sweetness that makes drinking this a truly amazing experience. A mild hop profile brings a beautiful balance to this beer; something truly to look forward to each year.  5.2 % ABV

The heart and soul of American craft brewing, Pale Ale uses American hops. It has a fruity, citrus-like character with a medium to high hop bitterness, flavor and aroma.  5.25 % ABV


Dark roasted malts, oatmeal with added honey and molasses give this stout a unique depth of flavor. Notes of coffee and chocolate, with just a hint of licorice, make this stout smooth and drinkable no matter the time of year.  8.0 % ABV

Tower 23 - Belgian Tripel

Core Brews

The Tripel has a dry finish, is full, creamy, and spicy, followed by some sweet grainy malt.  Notoriously alcoholic. 11.0 % ABV

Fox Paw - Pale Ale