Name: Wanda Sturm

Position: Quality Director

Favorite style of beer: 

Name: Randy "Bags" Clark

Our Vision...

Imagine a beer that you can drink and not only love, but feel good about drinking, because it's brewed by a company that is responsible with its sourcing of ingredients, sourcing from as many local sources as humanly possible. Sound like a beer you'd like to drink? Us, too. Welcome to our vision of how to brew beers...

Name: Mike Sturm

Position: Chief Opertions Officer

Favorite style of beer: IPA

Name: Russ 'Arturo' Klasel

Position: Safety Dancer

Favorite style of beer: Pale Ale

To put it simply, we are simple people, who like great beer. We like beer we can taste. We don't want to drink beer just for the sake of drinking beer. We want flavor. We want hops. We want delicious. We want beer that we can experience. That's exactly what we set out to do. We each set out on our own journeys to find that and wound up making beer. And then we shared it. And before we knew it, we were brewing a lot of beer. Too much beer (not that there is such a thing). It got to the point that we were kegging our beer and throwing parties for that beer to be drank. We figured sharing that beer with the public was the next logical step, because, after all, everyone who tried it had only good things to say. Grain, hops, and yeast. These are a few of our favorite things and we'd love to share these things with y'all...we mean, after they are combined to make what we believe is really great beer. We hope you do, too...

Name: Steve Early II​​​

Name: Marcus Garcia

Position: Chief Executive Officer

Favorite style of beer: Lager

The Crew

Who we are...

Name: Christian Garcia

Position: Assistant Brewer

Favorite style of beer: Powerade

Founding Beards

Name: Trey Looney III

Name: Gale Richards

Position: Chief Financial Officer

Favorite style of beer: Porters