​​​Fox Paw

​​Backyard Grill

Locatelli's - Grant

Drink of Ages

BonFire Grill

Thistle Draft Shop

The Shack - Telge

Districk 249 Bar & Grill

Rosehill Beer Garden

Murdoch's Backyard Pub

National Treasure Restaurant




​​​No. 48 Porter

​​Backyard Grill

Craft House Grill

Locatelli's - Grant Rd.

Craft Grill

Jive Bar & Lounge



Stone Cold Fox Stout

Expected back in the Market in November

Come try your next favorite Beer!!!

Beer: it's what we do

CLOSED Thursday April 25th for a Private Event.

"Anyone can drink beer, but it takes intelligence to enjoy beer." - Stephen Beaumont

Where to find our beer...

We started home brewing because we believe that all beer is not created equal... but that in creating good beer, you can create something more. Each batch made deepened the sea of possibility until we six drunken sailors looked out into the horizon and realized this beer we brewed could take us places.

The G.O.A.T

Locatelli's - Grant

Locatelli's - Tomball

Jive Bar & Lounge

iPic Theaters - Houston

Craft House Grill

Craft Beer Cellar - Houston

Backyard Grill

Tailgators Pub and Grill

Rosehill Beer Garden

​​We are kid-friendly and dog-friendly!


 THURSDAY    (4/25......CLOSED)

 FRIDAYS.............................OPEN 4p-10p

 SATURDAYS....................OPEN 2p-10p   SUNDAYS............................OPEN 2p-8p

Monday - Wednesday.......CLOSED

Aunt Rose Red Helles

​Black's Market Table​                                                Backyard Grill

Murdoch's Backyard Pub                         District 249 Bar & Grill

R Bar - Houston​                                           Dry Creek Social Club

Locatelli's - Grant Rd.​                                      The Thirsty Texan

Locatelli's - Magnolia                       McCardell's Tavern & Grille   Locatelli's - Tomball                                 Jive Bar & Lounge

Locatelli's - Fry Rd.                                   Cypress Trail Hide Out

403 Eats - Tomball                                         Locatelli's - Tomball

Craft Beer Cellar - Houston               Pier 36 Seafood Oyster Bar

Tailgators Pub and Grill                                     Thistle Draft Shop

Craft House Grill                             Tapped Drafthouse & Kitchen

​Revolver Houston                                           Rosehill Beer Garden

​​National Treasure Restaurant                            The Shack - Telge